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How To Make Pork u0026 Apple Sausage Rolls


In this video, Sainsbury's shows you how to make succulent Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls, perfect for a picnic.

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Video transcript:
"My name is Holly Bell and I'm a family recipe writer, I'm and avid baker and I'm a mom of two, and Sainsbury's have asked me to come along today to Victoria's house and because it's a bit of a celebration this afternoon isn't it" "my daughter is finishing nursery school today for the year so we've got an end of term picnic" "and would mom's take something along?" "yeah they do everyone brings a dish and we all share so I need to make something to take with me today" "I'm thinking sausage rolls, kids love sausage don't they" "yeah, perfect yeah" "so first things first get that oven on a 200 degrees centigrade, that's gas 6, we have got here half an onion, half of a carrot that's been grated, we've got a small apple that has had the skin taken off and then grated. So you just need to soften the fruit and veg its around 8 minutes on a low heat in the mean time we're going to chop up some sage; we're going to take 250 grams of extra lean pork mince and then we're going to squidge it up with sage, once you're at that stage you can add all the soften vegetables. And then all we're going to do is to use our hands to really squidge this up until its all distributed well; I think what's great about this is that you're using already rolled puff pastry and they don't take too long to bake because I always think like that's the problem with anything with children that it has to be reasonably instant. OK so we've washed our hands and we've unrolled our ready rolled pastry onto a slightly floured board here, just cut this in half straight down the middle, its really important that this pastry is cold because you'll get a good rise in the oven from that. If we just pull that apart there we're going to make a long sausage line down the middle there and then we'll role it over. What I've got here is a beaten egg, just going to use this pastry brush to run it down one side it basically just acts like glue" "oh OK" "then fold over the side without the egg and then just keep rolling and then make sure the sesame is underneath because then naturally that will sort of squash down yeah" "and hold it together?" "exactly, that's great" "its a bit hard" "that's fantastic there we go, one massive sausage roll there" "brilliant" "right the next job is to cut these up; you can use a knife or I quite like using scissors" "oh really, think I'll try the scissors; mine are looking a bit squashed they're not as neat" "they look great. We've got a tray here popping them all down covering these sausage rolls with some egg wash and then I thought we'd sprinkle some sesame seeds and some poppy seeds over the top, when they've got the seeds on top you get them out of your picnic and people will do sort of think oh they do look really professional" "good that's what we want" "and then its just a case of baking these for 25 to 30 minutes so Victoria if you don't mind putting those into the oven for me I'll get the kettle on we'll have a cup of tea and by the time we've finished they'll probably be ready. They look amazing, look at those, wow. Now all I'm going to do is put these onto a wire rack and then all we've got to do is keep our fingers firmly crossed and hope for some really good weather" "yes hopefully"

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