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How To Make a Simple File Guide For Knife Making


How To Make a Simple File Guide For Knife Making.
Just a quick video showing how I made a file guide for knife making. Stuff used⬇️

Tap set You can probably find these cheaper at home depot.

5/16 socket cap screw

5/16 drill bit

123 blocks

kant twist clamp

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Hi, Im Alex, im a knife maker and YouTuber, based out of southern Pennsylvania and my youtube channel is Outdoors55. This channel started as an outdoor backpacking channel, but quickly grew into a knife/ knife making channel. Everything I do on my channel is family friendly. I primarily focus on knife / knife making videos but occasionally throw in something different. Thank you for watching!😀

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Knife Sharpening stuff I recommend ⬇️



Cheaper stones I use all the time⬇️

Folding knives I recommend
Best value for the money⬇️ love this knife!

Favorite knife as of now⬇️

Best cheap fixed blade⬇️

Camera gear⬇️
Main camera
other camera
Other mic
tripod I don't recommend but here it is anyway
Action camera

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