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How to make a Pokeball // Sculpting a Miniature Pikachu

North of the Border

Pokémon turns 25 years old this year and I figured what better way to show my appreciation than to make a Pokéball!? Oh, and of course it's going to open and have a miniature Pikachu chillaxin' on a beach! Let the celebrations commence!

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00:00 Intro
00:15 Pokébaubles
01:22 A trip to the Workshop
03:57 Fraily, thy name is Hinge
05:02 Red, White, and Black
05:47 Pokébauble Guts
06:43 Electric Banana Rat
07:54 A Tiny Deck Chair
08:18 A Tiny Brelly
08:51 How to Ruin Kitchenware
09:32 Life's a Beach
11:30 Glamour Shots


Most of the music in this video is courtesy of GameChops.

Poké & Chill is a 16 track Pokémon remix album, with faithful lofi hip hop renditions of music from Nintendo's beloved Pokemon video game series. From the original Pokemon Red & Blue games, composed by Jun'ichi Masuda, to later installments like Pokemon Sun & Moon, Poké & Chill features a diverse collection of nostalgic and expressive game music.

Mikel is best known as the producer from Zelda & Chill, an album that may go down in history as the most popular game music record of all time. In less than a year from it's release, it's received over 20 million plays and sold thousands of copies. That's power of chill vibes and great game music!

All video game music compositions contained within Poké & Chill have been licensed for Poké & Chill by HFA. That means these tracks are safe to use in streams and video content. The album was supervised and mastered by Dj Cutman for release on GameChops.

Poké & Chill features compositions by Jun’ichi Masuda, Gō Ichinose, Minako Adachi, and Shota Kageyama. It features music from Pokémon Red & Blue, Gold & Silver, Sun & Moon, X & Y, Black & White, and Ruby & Sapphire.

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posted by Spugnivf