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How to make a Hologram

Holocreators GmbH

A very detailed 12 step DIY guide on how to make a Hologram. We start by cutting the glass, then making the film, then exposing it to Laser light and finally developing and sealing the finished Hologram. This is DCG (dichromated gelatin) Holography.'>

These are the 12 Steps you need to do to create your own real hologram on glass with DCG (dichromated gelatin):

0:00 Introduction
0:13 Step 1 – Checking the glass – To get the perfect Hologram you have to check the orientation of the “parallellinespattern” inside the glass.
1:53 Step 2 – Cutting the glass – With a good cutting technique you will waste less glass in your hologram production.
4:12 Step 3 – Cleaning the glass – An Overview of the best chemicals for glass cleaning and how to detect the correct side for coating the glass.
6:26 Step 4 – Preparing the gelatin – Some proven DCG Hologram recipes and how they are adjusted for different temperatures and laser wavelengths.
9:49 Step 5 – Sensitizing the gelatin – How to add the Ammonium Dichromate to the gelatin mix and properly filter it.
13:08 Step 6 – Coating the glass – Working in a controlled coating environment makes better, cleaner holograms and also keeps you safe.
16:07 Step 7 – Building the exposure setup – Instructions on how to build a holographic recording setup.
18:03 Step 8 – Exposure – Expose your coated plates correctly to get the best holograms.
22:37 Step 9 – Developing – Keeping the many variables under control makes this the most crucial and difficult step in the hologram production.
30:38 Step 10 – Scraping – By removing some of the gelatin the Hologram will be properly framed.
33:49 Step 11 – Sealing – Using Epoxy Resin and gluing a cover plate on the hologram will protect it from moisture and preserve it for many years.
39:44 Step 12 – Grinding – Taking off the sharp edges from the glass will make the Hologram safer and more presentable.

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