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How To Keep Bananas Fresh

Kitchen Tips Online

How To Keep Bananas Fresh ~ How To Store Bananas ~ How To Keep Bananas From Turning Brown. Can you put bananas in the fridge? These questions and many more will be answered on this YouTube video, How To Keep Bananas Fresh. #KeepBananasFresh #KitchenTipsOnLine

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Storing bananas? Why is it so difficult? We go to the grocery store and purchase bananas and by the time we get around to eating them, they are brown and mushy. We are often asked the question, can you put bananas in the fridge. If you keep bananas in the refrigerator, the outside of the banana will turn brown very quickly. However, the inside of the banana ripening process will tend to slow down. We conducted several experiments trying to figure out how to keep bananas from turning brown, and we can tell you without a doubt, storing bananas in a refrigerator will cause them to turn brown quicker and is not the best place to store bananas. Well then you are probably asking the question, how do you keep bananas from turning brown? Well before we answer that question let's talk about what causes bananas to ripen in the first place. You may not know this but lots of banana distribution centers and large banana retailers, have an area in their warehouse or store where they keep bananas so that they can capture the ethylene gas that comes off the bananas. Also they want to capture the ethylene gas that is all around the bananas from other sources. When we started working on this YouTube video trying to figure out how to store bananas, we search for ways on how to keep bananas fresh. We discovered the same thing that the major retailers and banana distributors have already discovered. And that is the fact that you must control ethylene gas, if you want it keep bananas from turning brown too quickly. We invite you to watch our YouTube video, how to store bananas, and let us know your thoughts in the comment section

Here's Some Banana Trivia
Did you know that bananas float in water? Well the fact is bananas float in water just like apples and watermelons. Are bananas grown in the United States? The only state with a climate suited for growing bananas today is Hawaii. Bananas used to be grown in California and Florida. The bananas that most Americans eat come from Latin America, South America, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, and Guatemala. The type of banana that most Americans eat is called the Cavendish banana. There is a banana Museum just south of Palm Springs, California, where you will find thousands of banana related items.

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