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How to Host a Zoom Meeting for the First Time UPDATED! | How to use Zoom

Chadly Creative Consulting

Are you wondering how to schedule and host a Zoom meeting for the first time? Enjoy these easy steps and tips designed for Zoom beginners! This video shows you the basics and also easy bells and whistles you'll enjoy including recording and share your screen.

15 short minutes with this video and you'll be ready to have fun with Zoom!

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00:00 Getting started with Zoom
01:01 Getting a Zoom account
01:25 Free Zoom account info
01:50 Download the Zoom App
02:33 Sign in to the Zoom App
02:44 Inside the Zoom App
02:49 Schedule a Zoom Meeting
04:46 Zoom Invitation Information
05:02 Emailing Zoom Invitation
05:55 Starting Zoom Meeting from Zoom App
06:23 Getting into the Meeting
06:35 Zoom Control Bar
06:57 Muting and turning video on/off
07:42 Zoom security controls
08:04 Zoom waiting room
08:32 Locking the Zoom Meeting
08:49 Admitting from Zoom Waiting Room
09:29 Gallery view and Speaker view options
09:55 Participants Window muting & mute all
10:29 Zoom Chat
10:53 Share Screen, recording, breakout rooms
11:08 Zoom recording
11:51 Zoom screen sharing
12:51 Zoom breakout rooms
13:11 Zoom reactions
13:23 Ending the meeting
13:33 Going deeper with Zoom
14:07 Practicing with Zoom


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How to Host a Zoom Meeting for the First Time (UPDATED!) | How to use Zoom

If you are unsure or even stressed about how to host a Zoom call, this video is for you.

This Zoom tutorial for beginners walks you through:

• Creating a Zoom account & downloading the free Zoom App
• Inviting others to join your meeting
• Starting the meeting
• Zoom controls: Waiting room, Participants, Chat, Recording, & Screen Share

I’m Marcia Chadly, and I enjoy helping you feel comfortable with online technology! Want to know more about Zoom? A great place to connect with me is in the Creative Life Center Neighborhood:



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