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How to Get Your Dog to Love You More than Anything

Jaw-Dropping Facts

In this video, we will talk about 12 ways to make sure a dog looks at you with nothing but adoration.

Be Present
We all have things that keep us distracted or busy throughout the day, be it work, social media, cell phones or chores. Dogs are pack animals that crave companionship.
Share your personal space
Wolves and wild dogs sleep in small, confined areas with pack members they trust to protect against predators. Allowing your pet to sleep in the same room with you demonstrates to them that you are part of their pack. This, in turn, strengthens the bonds of love and trust you both feel for one another.
Engage in deep conversations.
It might sound silly at first, but your dogs like it if you talked to them. Studies using MRI technology have shown that dogs do possess a cursory understanding of human language. So holding that oneway conversation with your pup deepens your connections with your dog.
Interestingly enough, recent studies have shown that reading to dogs calm anxious and highenergy dogs in shelters.
Use your head to cuddle.
Dogs are pack animals, and close contact makes them feel safe and secure. Your dog may have their own comfy bed, but their favorite resting place is most likely right next to their human. Chilling on the couch, snuggling on the bed, or meeting your furry friend on the floor for some cuddle time is a nice, relaxing way to bond with your canine.
Remember, dogs lean their heads on each other as a sign of affection. When your dog leans up against your leg or rests their head on your foot, it’s a sign they love you. If you do the same thing, they will know you love them back. It’s a subtle gesture, but an effective way to strengthen your bond with your dog and enjoy the special moments of affection.
Be your dog’s protector
We often think of how our dogs protect us. But we sometimes forget that our furry friends need our protection more than we need theirs.
It’s important to step in between your pup and whatever that frightens them. It may be another dominant, aggressive dog, or an ohsoscary toddler.
You are your dog’s only advocate and defender.
Express yourself
Dogs are very observant when it comes to interpreting and reacting to human expression.
They pick up on facial expressions, emotions, body language, and social cues more than you probably know. Studies have also proven that dogs can smell arousal, fear, cancer, illness and even diabetes. Letting your furry friend know you love them is as easy as acting normal and letting those emotions shine through.
Interestingly enough, a study published in 2013 found that dogs show their love using facial expressions. They raise their eyebrows – especially the left one – when greeted by their owners.
Respect your dog’s nature.
Many dog owners confuse caring for their dogs with treating them like babies.
Many dog owners discourage their dogs from certain inherent behaviors such as eating dirt, sniffing urine and sniffing each other from behind. In these situations, we are not caring for our furry friends, but preventing them from their own nature.
Be Respectful of Their Likes and Dislikes
Dogs have the personality of their own, formed with great sensitivity and remarkable intelligence. If you miss out on opportunities to get to know your pup, you may never realize the full extent of their unique personality. Study their body language and pay attention to their behavior to understand what they like, what they find unpleasing, and what's their favorite activity.
Comfort your dog when they’re afraid
There are a lot of myths about dogs. One of the myths is the “rule” that you should never comfort a frightened dog. You can’t reinforce emotions such as fear the same way you reinforce a behavior.
During stressful situations such as fireworks and thunderstorm, remain calm and distract your dog with a game of fetch, or by playing calming music. Remove them from the situation and show them that you are unafraid.
Feed Them by Hand
The fastest way to a dog's heart is through their stomach. Feeding your dogs can be more of an interactive activity than just dumping food in a bowl.
When you feed your pet treats directly from your hand, you show that you're the food provider and helps get your dog to focus more on you. Plus, it's also an intimate experience that tells your dog you care. Handfeeding your dog is a great way to build a strong bond.
Walk together
Instead of just taking your dog out real quick to do their business, take your time. Explore with your canine. Let them stop and sniff the flowers.
Rub their ears
Dog experts say that the ears of a dog are one of three nerve centers in their bodies. When you rub a dog behind the ears, a sense of pleasure goes through their entire body. This is extremely relaxing.
And when you pet your dog, it’s important that they know that they have your full attention.

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