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How to Get Approved For A Business Credit Card With or Without A Business

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Today we're covering how to get approved for a business credit card with or without a business. If you have any questions regarding your specific approval odds and how to apply, comment and I'd be happy to help!

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Bonus tip, if you find yourself using someone else's referral link for a business credit card PLEASE make sure to search best sign up bonus first or use ingonito mode. Or you may even have a friend, girlfriend or spouse and you could sign up using their referral link. Better to give money or points to someone you know, than a website or person that already makes a bunch of points from business credit card referrals.

That being said, if you aren't using a friends referral link, you for sure should use a channel's link to help support content creators. As for me, I'm just happy you took the time to stop by this channel and want to help in any way I can to increase your odds of getting approved for a business credit card.

Some very useful links: credit card flow chart

Chase approval flowchart

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