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How to Fix a Slow Mac


Is your Mac running slow? First, you'll need to figure out what is causing the problem.

I always do a time machine backup before removing anything on my Mac.
And restart your Mac.
You can learn how to do a time machine back up here:

External Hard Drive (affiliate link)

1 Open up the activity monitor to see what is taking up your CPU and memory use.
You can start by quitting as many open apps as you can.

2 Remove any login items.

3 Free up hard drive space.

4 Do a software update. Apple usually helps older Macs with speed improvements with every update.

5 memory upgrade
How to Install more Ram or Memory on your iMac

6 Check your internet speed. It may be your internet connection that is slow and not your Mac.
You can also try Safari instead of Chrome as your web browser.

7 Clear out the Cache folder and cookie folder. You can find those folders in the library folder.
Empty Trash.

8 Run CleanMyMac X for speed optimization.
Get CleanMyMac X here: (affiliate link)

9 Uninstall any app manually or with CleanMyMacX.

10 Run a full smart scan.

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