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How to Fix a Leash Aggressive Reactive German Shepherd

Robert Cabral

How to Fix a Leash aggressive, Leash Reactive German Shepherd Dog Training.

In this lesson I meet Ariel and his German Shepherd Koda who has been giving him some serious problems with leash aggression toward other dogs. In the beginning of the video you see how he responds to other dogs just walking by. He is out of control, but what can we do about it? Do we fix leash aggression by dominating the dog, by giving the dog treats or by understanding the dog and working through the behaviors?

Watch the video and see the transformation that Koda goes through in his relationship with Ariel and how he sees the dogs he meets in this training session including my Belgian Malinois Goofy, my Labrador Retriever Jimi and then check out the full 30+ minute video on my member section:


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