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How To Drill A Shallow Well And Never Be Without Water


Dig a shallow well by hand in an afternoon. For $125 off across your first 4 Green Chef boxes, go to http://greenchef.us/haxman125 and enter code HAXMAN125. I'll show you how to dig a shallow well for backup water in an emergency or just so you have access to water in a distant part of your yard or garden. I don't want to worry about drinking water contaminated with waste and it's easy to dig a well with a hand auger and some pipe.

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DIY Projects For The Backyard

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I hope to inspire you to create your own projects at home after watching my videos. In everything from DIY home renovation projects to custom furniture to projects that help us become more selfsufficient, I hope to show you how with a little ingenuity you can make stuff at home too.

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