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How To Double Your Learning Speed | Jim Kwik

Mindvalley Talks

In this talk from Mindvalley Live 2019 in Los Angeles, Jim Kwik the author of Mindvalley's Superbrain and learning expert gives his talk on how we can actually learn faster by taking the information we read in faster and more effectively.

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The average person reads at a rate of about 225 wordsperminute (wpm). Jim Kwik, on the other hand, can read at rate of 1,300 wpm… Plus, he remembers and retains everything he reads. Now that’s speed reading.

Here’s the thing, though, Jim Kwik wasn’t always so kwik. In fact, he suffered a head trauma when he was 5 years old that slowed down his ability to learn (or so he thought). He fell far behind in school due to this, and struggled to keep up with the others kids. His seemingly incessant slow learning was almost the cause of his undoing.

It wasn’t until he was in college that he decided to give his learning difficulty a bit more attention. So, he thought a lot about learning — these thoughts then led him to delve into the concept of metalearning, or learning how to learn (something we are strangely not taught how to do in school). He then decided to focus his attention on simply learning how to learn— on how to make learning his superpower!

Now, his impressive intelligence is known worldwide. As well, he has set up many Schools for Superheroes, which specialize in helping people attain their naturalborn superpowers (without needing to be bit by a spider). One of these superpowers, is speed reading.

Jim emphasizes the importance of speed reading by explaining that:

"The average person reads 200250 wordsperminute and spends 3 to 4 hours of their work day reading. That’s more than onethird of their time on the job. If that person makes $60,000 a year, then at least $20,000 of that money is paying for them to read. But proper training can easily double the average person’s reading speed (up to 400450 w.P.M.). That cuts 3 to 4 hours down to 1 to 2. That’s a savings of over an hour a day. If you do that for 365 days a year, that’s 9 different 40 hour work weeks saved. That’s real time productivity. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time." Jim Kwik

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