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how to 'break' a horse in less than an hour.

PS Horsemanship

This is Lucky. She's a 4 year old who's never been worked with before, and as a result is a bit nervous. In this video I show some of the basic's of getting the horse to yield to pressure, gaining control of the horse's feet, and teaching her to look to me in moments of insecurity.
A couple of highlights:
7:13: shift in the mind and body
16:11: BIG shift in her movement, real control of feet
16:46: The reason to do groundwork before just hopping on a young horse
17:37 She gives me her head exactly as I want here.
19:20 Sometimes it takes 3 conversations, sometimes 100. Either way, I am here for it.
25:35 Here I am going to get her used to the idea that I am going to climb on her.
33:03 Plank the horse!
40:00 saddled, and ridden. The horse understands by now what is expected of her.

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posted by Bahnweg8a