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How the NY Giants won two Super Bowls, then became a total mess

SB Nation

When the NY Giants beat the Patriots for their second Super Bowl in five years, it felt like they were in a position to win in any situation. They weren't the best, but they knew when to turn it on. But before we knew it, everything fell apart. Plagued by injuries and salary cap hell, the Giants did all they could to stay afloat. They brought in some shiny new toys like Odell Beckham Jr., David Wilson and Landon Collins, in hopes of rejuvenating what was left of their Super Bowl core.

When that didn't work, they jettisoned the last of the old and used free agency to bring in some fresh blood. It worked, but only for a season, and they soon returned to the decline that - at this moment - has no end in sight.

Written and produced by Will Buikema
Directed by Mike Imhoff
Motion graphics by Philip Pasternak and Mike Das
Shot and edited by Alex Hawley


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