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How Surfer SEO Works | Best SEO Content Optimisation Tool | Surfer SEO Tips and Tricks

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How Surfer SEO Works | Best SEO Content Optimisation Tool | Surfer SEO Tips and Tricks

Surfer is a tool designed to help SEOoptimize written content, like blog posts and articles. It works by analyzing the content of a page against “500+ onpage” signals. It also has a builtin keyword research tool.

Content Editor allows you to fully cover the topic you’re writing about and make it rank for one or more keywords of your choice. Based on top ranking pages and Surfer’s original algorithms, it generates a list of words and phrases you need to include to rank well.

In the Keyword Research tool, you can find information about your main keyword and multiple related phrases with the similarity level (what percentage of results overlap in the SERP for your keyword and the SERP for the related keyword) and average monthly search volume.

Instead of wasting hours to create a relevant content strategy, simply let Surfer algorithms prepare a plan adjusted to your domain, niche, and audience. Then, you’re all set to dominate your niche with dozens of legit content ideas.

Surfer prepares guidelines based on topperforming pages and provides insights on the ideal word count for your content, keywords to use on your website, article structure, and more. Apply the suggestions to increase both the content quality and your chances for high rankings.

In this Surfer SEO Walkthrough, we'll show you how to use surfer seo to it's maximum potential and how Surfer SEO works. This Surfer SEO Guide is perfect if you're debating getting the software and want to learn some Surfer SEO tips and tricks. To learn more about the Best SEO Content Optimisation Tool and why Surfer SEO Content Optimisation is one of the best, be sure to check out our FatRank blog:

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