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How Sperm Whales Learned to Outsmart their Hunters

Terra Mater

Hey friends! Did you know that we might be able to decode sperm whale language soon? Watch here:

The sperm whale is the world’s largest toothed predator. It also has the biggest brain of any animal on earth. This mind has helped them outwit their natural predators, but what happened when sperm whales came up against humans?

With fascinating facts and footage of pod life, we explore how sperm whales learned to evade 19thcentury whalers. It’s an incredible story of survival – yet now these marine giants are facing new threats.

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scientific sources:

02:13 spermaceti organ

02:47 echolocation

03:14 biggest brain

04:01 marguerite formation

04:42 whalers' success rate drop

video sources:

American Film Institute: Robert J. Flaherty / Nanook of the North, USA 1922:

Ed Lyman /NOAA MMHSRP, NOAA Photo Library

Azores aerials of sperm whales (cinematographer: Mark Romanov, IG: @mark.romanov)
With Permission from Região Autônoma dos Açores under Filming Permit Number #12AORAC2018.

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