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How Music Can Change A Scene - Kylo Ren VS Luke

Karl Veiga

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A simple change in music can change the entire tone of a scene. I felt that watching this scene it wasn't as emotional as it could've been due to the music. Kylo was full of hate, but he was also hurting, his entire life he's been guided towards the darkness, and I hope one day his character can be redeemed in some way, but I made this edit just to show how making the music a little more emotional can change the tone of a scene entirely.

also for the record I didn't hate TLJ, I wasn't the biggest fan of it and yeah I kinda think that things could've been changed/altered heavily but hey, it's not my movie, I'm a fan of the series and adore Star Wars, but I'm just a guy who enjoys making movies, so this was just my two cents on this scene.

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