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How Every President Died

Mr. Beat

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Mr. Beat looks at how every President in American history died, as well as their supposed last words.

Produced by Matt Beat. Edited by Matt Beat. All images/video by Matt Beat, found in the public domain or creative commons (credits listed in video), or used under fair use guidelines. Music by Electric Needle Room (Mr. Beat's band).

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I’m YouTube’s American Presidents guy now, apparently, and breaking news 39 American Presidents have died. Now, some of them have been dead for awhile. In this video, we’re going to look at how every President in American history died.

I would argue that being President is the most dangerous job in the world. 18% of them have died while on the job. 9% of them were assassinated. In fact, there was a period of about 122 years in which EIGHT Presidents died WHILE IN OFFICE.

Now, you could say that Presidents tend to be older when they take office, and that is a fair point.

Still, it’s no wonder the President now has an entire Secret Service team of thousands to protect them. Oh, and an entire White House Medical Unit to take care of all their medical needs. It's a dangerous and STRESSFUL job. I mean, just look at these before and after photos.

While most of us hope for painless deaths...ya dying in our sleep….tragically many American Presidents died horrible, extremely painful deaths. Oh, and while we’re at it, we might as well look at the supposed last words of every President, even if sometimes those last words are, like, totally not profound at all.

And let’s go in chronological order at time of death instead of when they held office to mix it up a bit. Even though it’s supposedly the most dangerous job in the United States, Presidents have historically lived longer than the average American.

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