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How Do YOU Define Success?

Carolina Caro

Have you ever stopped to consider whether you might be chasing goals or building a life based on other people’s definition of success? I know that I was guilty of that for so many years and I didn’t even know it. I was like so many others, working in a job that was just OK in order to maintain a false sense of stability and security. On the outside I had it all, yet the fulfillment just wasn’t there. I bought stuff I didn’t necessarily need, took vacations to escape my day to day and I figured that one day I’d retire and everything would change. Luckily I experienced a wake up call prompting me to redefine it ALL. With so many outside influences ready to define success for us, it can be challenging to listen to our intuition and honor our own voice. In this next video I invite you to explore that question: What does success look like for YOU?


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