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In the past decade and with youtube documentaries and conspiracy theorists we've seen more and more of "selling your soul" and mentions of secret societies or the illuminati and rappers who may be members. Rick Ross and Jay-Z even decided to play on this and make a song about it called "Freemason" on his Teflon Don album.

This was what I would attribute to the start of the rise of rappers trying to use this imagery especially 666 and all that to promote their music whether it be edgy or to get controversy around their name and more publicity. It's been working though, we've seen Odd Future do it even though they were just being edgy teens but lately Lil Uzi Vert admittedly came out and said he sold his soul whether he was serious or not is hard to tell but it isn't hard to see how much he's changed from his looks and fashion to how he was when he first came in the game with Luv is Rage. Trippie Redd is the newest one following Sahbabii's nonsensical explanation for his 666 tattoo on his palm saying it's 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons for melanin or some nonsense like that.

XXXtentacion has played with religious themes and walked the line of saying he sold his soul but we really can't tell when he's doing something for attention or not. But we have seen independent rappers talk about how they didn't sign because there were some suspect requirements they were expected to do before and after they were signed and promoted by the label.

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