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Horrifying Facts You Really Didn’t Want To Know (Click Here Anyway)


While we aren’t out to paint the world as a picture of horrors, there are many things going on that you probably don’t want to know. From disgusting, to horrifying, to scary, sometimes people think they would be better off just staying in the dark. However, to be forewarned is to be forearmed, so it is important to know about even the most horrifying facts. These facts will surprise you, and some will make you think twice about the world around you.

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10. There Are Many Lead Hotspots Much Worse Than Flint, Michigan
9. There Are More Slaves Right Now Than Ever In Recorded History
8. Rattlesnakes Are Evolving To Hide Their Rattle Sounds
7. In Some Parts Of The American Southwest You Can Witness Swarms Of Mating Tarantulas
6. The Mercury Levels In Tuna Are Far More Dangerous Than Many People Realize
5. The Doomsday Clock Has Been Getting Closer To Midnight Since 1991
4. Despite An Increase In “No Kill Shelters” Millions Of Animals Are Still Put Down Each Year
3. Our Satellite Infrastructure Is Already Dealing With Something Known As “Kessler Syndrome”
2. The Egg Industry Has Been Grinding Up Baby Male Chicks In Grinders For Decades
1. Going To Space May Not Actually Be Such A Great Idea For Most People

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