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Guy Talks To A Canada Goose & It's Awesome

Jeannie Cave

While growing up, and continuing to this day, there was always something reassuring about the clarion cries of migrating Canada geese. Geese are the chatterboxes of the waterfowl world. Researchers have determined that Canada goose language includes more than 20 distinct sounds. Perhaps no one can be sure of the exact topic of each conversation, but goose hunters who harbor hopes of outstretched wings over their decoys would do well to master at least a small portion of this colorful dialect. Talking goose takes practice, which takes time, which takes discipline. The dividends of this labor, however, can make the difference between an endless string of frustrating birdless days and success in the goose fields on a regular basis. And this guy proves to be a true expert in talking to geese! Enjoy his conversation with a funny Canada goose!

posted by Fatgaibra8f