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Homeless Shelter or Spare room

Paul Elkins

A 35 sq ft structure made with Coroplast campaign signs.
I gathered 7 large signs and some smaller ones, including the lumber and screws, and set out to construct a small home, utilizing the best ideas from shelters I've made in the past.
This shelter could be used for a tent city individual, or an office, an art studio, kids fort, storage, spare bedroom, or a back yard residents for a youngster almost ready to live on there own. Gnome stump home. $200 micro shelter/hut/vacation camp-simple to build/small budget weekend camp/home (Occupy Boston?). A houseboat tour with my DIY micro motor boat. $150 bike camper: DIY micro mobile home (downloadable plans). Small Home: 420 square foot TRANSFORMER apartment (Graham Hill-Treehugger/Life Edited). Emergency or Homeless Shelter. TOP 7 Smallest Campers and Mini Recreational Vehicles that You Can Afford. Vehicles as housing: 27-sq-ft bike home + rowboat shelter. Multi use micro shelter on wheels. 9-year-old builds a homeless shelters.

posted by teepsyreith8i