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Homeless Man Cries Tears Of Joy Over Surprise Birthday Gift


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This touching moment happened when we took to the streets of Chicago to deliver backpacks filled with sports drinks, socks, toiletries, and other supplies for homeless people.

We are a bunch of grown men, but that didn't stop the tears from flowing when we met Albert. It happened to be his birthday, and we were there just in time to answer his prayers. This was a beautiful experience for all of us, and luckily, we caught it on video!

Special thanks to CopyPress for throwing the Unconference in Chicago, where attendance was free as long as attendees donated a backpack for our charity event the next day. This generous gesture, along with the generosity of all who attended, created some magical moments, and helped dozens of homeless people in downtown Chicago! Here's footage of the event, including a clip of Albert! CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR THE HOMELESS. Magician makes Homeless man's wish come True. Former homeless man's good deeds catch Ellen DeGeneres' attention. World's Most Generous Homeless Man (EMOTIONAL) - Social Experiments 2016. $200 Interviews With Homeless People | Give Back Films. Tipping a Waitress 200 Dollars (MUST WATCH). THIS HERO WILL MAKE YOU SMILE - FULL VIDEO as seen on Facebook | OmarGoshTV. Homeless Man Does A Shocking Act Social Experiment. SURPRISING HOMELESS PEOPLE WITH CHRISTMAS GIFTS! Beautiful Reactions From Homeless Getting Food.

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