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Homeless Jackpot Prank


Please Share this and hit the Like button:) We went out to see how several lucky people in need would react to finding the perfect person to ask for change. Hope you enjoyed this.
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Thanks so much for watching.Please help us out by sharing with some friends! Love you guys! DOG POOP PRANK! Farting In The Hood Prank. Blind Prank Goes Bad!! Winter Prank Goes Terribly Wrong. Look at What Happened when I jumped Big Thugs in The Hood 😈💥. Buggin Bike Night Prank! Give Homeless $100 -Homeless Broke Down and Cried (Social Experiment). Sex In A Tent Prank!! Giving out $30,000 CASH to the Homeless!! Extreme Homeless Man Makeover!

posted by gjaldinum48