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Hold Conditioning Struggles: Breaking It Down | The DogBone VLOG: Ep: #81


Hold conditioning is something that is a constant struggle for many of our followers. Lately, I have been having people who message me that are struggling with the hold conditioning process email me a video of one of their sessions.

In this video, we break down one of these videos I received. There are a number of mechanical issues that are causing this guy to have a difficult time, as well as just things that he is doing that he may not even realize. When it comes to hold conditioning, one of the biggest issues we find is that people go too fast! This video is a great example, and looks very similar to many of the others I receive.

Slow down, be patient, and your dogs emotions mirror your own. In this case, the dog clearly does not understand what he is asking him. If I were the dog, I wouldn't either. The hold conditioning process is not one that can be rushed!

Slow down, and you will speed up.

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