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History of The Universe in 13799 Dominoes

Kurtis Baute

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If you set up a row of dominoes as a timeline of history from the Big Bang to now, and had each domino represent 1 million years it would stretch over 300 meters long. I know because thats what I did for this video. The universe is very old.

Here is some makingofdominoes footage, if you're wondering how this universe came to be: https://youtu.be/eVBVhyxXXc

If you want to expand your brain, check out the book 'Forces of Nature' by Brian Cox:

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1:16 Year 0
2:01 Year 1 billion
2:38 Year 2 billion
3:18 Year 3 billion
3:58 Year 4 billion
4:37 Year 5 billion
5:17 Year 6 billion
5:55 Year 7 billion
6:40 Year 8 billion
7:17 Year 9 billion
7:56 Year 10 billion
8:40 Year 11 billion
9:23 Year 12 billion
10:03 Year 13 billion
10:37 Year 13.79 billion

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