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Orchestra Meets Hip-Hop & It's Truly Jaw-Dropping!

Whoever said that hip hop and rap music lacked class should hold their tongue when this guy is around. Radzimir Debski, aslo knows as JIMEK, led the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra through a mash-up of rhythmic classics, touching on a generation who loves everyone from Wu-Tang to the contemporary Kendrick Lamar. Debski and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra performed a 30-song medley of hip-hop classics (and one original piece) as an encore following concerts at the Polish Nation Radio Orchestra Concert Hall in Katowice, Poland. The video finds maestro leading a massive symphonic ensemble, who after two full concerts decided to close out the show with this sprawling medley, touching virtually every icono-cut under the Stankonian sun. Don't miss the chance to watch it with your own eyes!