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HIGH SCHOOL DANCE - DON'T BE SHY (Kaycee Rice u0026 Sean Lew)


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Film made in collaboration with Dance Network

Featuring Kaycee Rice and Sean Lew

Shot on RED
Edited in Adobe Premiere
Colored in DaVinci Resolve
Scored in Logic Pro

Who's ScottDW?!
Yo! Welcome! I’m Scott Winn, and I make epic musical, comedic, cinematic, sometimes serious, mostly quirky content. I'm a writer, director, and cinematographer annnnnd I write music...and rap. Yes, I rap. I also love rollerblading and mowing the lawn. I hope you enjoy my content and please consider subscribing for more new content on the way!

Special Thank You:

Thank you to Derek Pueblo for standing by my side every
step of the way, for helping me shoot and direct this piece.

Thank you Jason Celaya for working with Sean and Kaycee
w/ their choreo, and for the amazing choreo you’ve done on
almost every one of my videos. You are visionary.

Thank you Kaycee Rice and Sean Lew for being two of the
kindest, most hard working and talented people I’ve ever
had the pleasure of working with. I can’t wait to create more
magic with you in the future.

I owe my gratitude to the amazing cast and crew who helped
day after day, from morning until night you all are the greatest.

Thank you to the very talented Drew Alexander who provided
vocals and additional writing/arranging.

Songs will be available everywhere soon:
Opening Song: Lovers Gonna Love, by ScottDW
Ballerina Song: Perfectly Strange, by ScottDW
Forest Song: Don’t Be Shy, by ScottDW
End Song: Chilled, by ScottDW

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