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High Energy Yellow Lab - Dog Obedience Training Before & After

Dynamic Dog Training Az

Riggs is a overactive, hyper yellow lab that could not settle himself down. He wouldn't listen to his owners, his walk was horrible and he was in trouble so much he spent a lot of time in his crate.

His owners contacted me for a two week board & train with low level e collar. This is his transformation video.

Dog trainer, Karen Harrell, owner of Dynamic Dog Training AZ provides In-home dog training as well as Board and Train services in Phoenix Arizona and the surrounding cities. Training commands used are: “heel”, “sit/stay”, “down/stay”, “come”, “no”, “good”, “okay” and the “place” command. Karen's behavior modification program is performed with the application of low-level, e-collar, off-leash, advanced obedience training.

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