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Herding with Gwen - Border Collie Sheepdog Demonstration u0026 Commands Adam Henson's Farm Diaries Ep22

Cotswold Farm Park

Welcome back to Adam Henson's Farm Diaries.

In episode 22 of his farm diaries Adam introduces you to his new sheepdog, Gwen, a 14 month old border collie, and gives a demonstration of how she behaves when herding sheep.

Adam also shares a little background on his house dogs and previous sheepdog, Peg, who is now retired.

As Gwen was trained using a mouth whistle, Adam must too practice giving commands in an unfamiliar way.

Whilst Gwen is very new to our farm, fortunately she's showing great promise as a shepherd's companion. She's patient with the sheep, gentle and responds well to commands. Gwen's future of giving herding demonstrations is looking promising.

We're certain Gwen is going to be a fan favourite and loved by our visitors here at Cotswold Farm Park!

Over the course of this series, Adam Henson will be inviting you to learn all about Cotswold Farm Park and our wider farm. Subscribe and click the bell to be notified when our next episode is uploaded!

Meet Adam, who is perhaps the bestknown farmer in the UK, presenting his own section on BBC’s Countryfile to millions of viewers each Sunday evening.

Adam will be here regularly to share stories and help educate you on British farming, the Cotswold countryside and the importance of our ongoing conservation work.

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