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Helping A Homeless Family At Venice Beach!

Tristan Jass

I was hooping at Venice beach when I noticed a man with his wife and little baby boy on the sideline.. They were sitting there watching me play people 1v1 and whenever I scored I saw them get really excited.. Anyways, later in the day I saw the same man that was watching me play basketball and my friend that lives in Venice told me about the mans story.. The family has been sleeping on the Venice Beach basketball courts for the past week and not to mention the wife is 7 months pregnant with another baby boy.. When I heard this story I instantly knew I had to do something for the family.. I took them out for dinner, went to a book store to get a few kids books, went to Costco to get them baby diapers, baby food, and other things they needed.. I couldn’t even imagine sleeping on a hard basketball court for a week straight so I got them a hotel for 2 weeks.. Tonight will be a night I will never forget.. I learned to be grateful for all the things I have.. The story will continue with this family.. I want to help them get back on their feet.. Stay tuned for more info!

Special shoutout to Nico at Venice Ball for helping me out! @VeniceBall

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