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Halloween Expectation vs Reality! | Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey

What happens on Halloween? Well here are our expectations vs reality for teens during halloween! Our family is crazy about Halloween, it's one of our favorite holidays! Everyone dresses up in costume every year! (Yes, this is the video where Bailey got into Poison Ivy in the "bad weather scene!)

We have so many old halloween costumes from years prior, so every year it's a challenge to find new costumes, or decide to wear the old costumes! Sometimes, we choose to make our own easy DIY Halloween costumes!

Need easy and fun and now last-minute Halloween costume ideas? Watch our video from last year where we show you 28 easy DIY Halloween costumes!

Check out our last video to see 15 DIY Halloween Costumes that are perfect for couples, best friends, or your squad!

We also love decorating our house for Halloween, including decorating and carving pumpkins, to putting up spider webs in the front lawn! Spooky spooky!

Finding out what all of your friends dress up as for Halloween is half the fun! Going to Halloween parties is a blast, but when you go all-out and half your friends just throw on a hat, do you then feel overdressed, or should they be the embarrassed ones? Don't be that friend, join the fun and get decked out in Halloween costumes and outfits!

Choosing the perfect scary Halloween movie... can take FOREVER! Do you pick The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Casper, Donnie Darko...? The debate can go on and on!

Trick-or-Treating! When you get stuck taking your little siblings trick-or-treating and can't even hang out with your friends! Or when the neighbor runs out of candy... or when your "healthy" neighbor gives out vegetables or toothbrushes. That's the worst...

Hope you all had a good laugh relating to some of these Reality of Halloween situations! Be sure to give this video a HUGE "👍🏻" if you loved it, and comment below with your favorite part!

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👻's -Brooklyn
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