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Halik: Lino and Jacky fly to Bali for the furniture expo | Full Episode 3

ABS-CBN Entertainment

Suspecting that her husband is up to no good, Jacky decides to check Ace’s spare phone. She then gets the shock of her life when she stumbles upon pieces of evidence of Ace’s infidelity. Fed up with her current setup with her in-laws, Jade decides to keep her distance from Lino. Despite this, Lino opts to set aside his emotional baggage and flies to Bali for the furniture expo. Unknown to him, Jacky, who is going through the same ordeal as his, will also attend the event.

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Episode Cast:

Yen Santos (Jacky) / Sam Milby (Ace) / Jericho Rosales (Lino) / Christian Bables (Barry) / Yam Concepcion (Jade) / Jane de Leon (Maggie) / Amy Austria-Ventura (Dolor) / Hero Angeles (Ken) / Chai Fonacier (Chari) / Louise Abuel (young Lino) / Veighda Inoval (young Jacky)

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