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Hainanese Chicken Rice - Popular in Singapore Indonesia Malaysia and Spreading!

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Hainanese chicken (海南鸡饭)is a dish that dedicates to the tenderest and silkiest chicken. It sounds like one dish, but it is a complete meal as it includes chicken, rice, soup, and a few dipping sauces. Although it is popular Singapore food, the prototype is a dish called Weng Chang Ji (文昌鸡) in Hainan, China. Wen Chang Ji is a special breed of chicken, which is organically raised and freshly slaughtered right before cooking. So the chicken itself is fatty and flavorful. The chicken skin is bright yellow when cooked, and it has a rich buttery taste so delicious. The chicken in the USA is less fatty and light in taste. I recommend using organic chicken for a better taste.

INGREDIENTS (Serves 45 People)

To blanch & pouch the chicken
Organic whole chicken 34 lb
1.5 tbsp of sea salt to rub the chicken skin (Amazon Link'>
Water as needed I used 5 liters to blanch, then use 2.5 liters to poach
3 scallions
2 inches of ginger sliced thinly
Pandan leaves, optional
Lemon grass, optional
Ice water as needed
1 tbsp of sesame oil to brush the chicken (Amazon Link'>
1/8 tsp of turmeric powder for the color, optional (Amazon Link

To cook the rice
2 cups of jasmine rice (Amazon Link
2 tbsp of the chicken fat that we reserved or other types of cooking oil
3 tbsp of shallot
1 tbsp of garlic
1/2 tbsp of ginger
2.5 cups of the broth that we pouched the chicken with
1/2 tsp of salt (Amazon Link'>

For the chili sauce
10 cloves of Garlic
1 inch of Ginger
3.5 oz of red chili
3 Thai bird eye chili
4 tbsp Fish sauce (Amazon Link
3 tbsp Lime juice
1 tbsp of sugar
1.5 tbsp Chicken broth optional

For the ginger scallion sauce
1/3 cup of diced scallion
2.5 tbsp of grated ginger
3/4 tsp of salt
2.5 tbsp of vegetable oil

For the sweet soy sauce
3 tbsp Soy sauce (Amazon Link
2 tbsp of dark soy sauce (Amazon Link
2 tbsp palm sugar finely shaved (can also use brown sugar)
1.5 tsp of Sesame oil (Amazon Link'>

To make the soup
The broth that we pouched the chicken with
6 oz of a cabbage
3 oz of carrot slices
2 tsp of salt

Cilantro as garnish
Cucumber slices

posted by strazburul5