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Gun Scare At School


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It started and was going just like any normal day in high school - until Serena was in English class that is, and things went wrong in a hurry, and in a big way.

Their English teacher was going through the School rules, AGAIN - just the basic stuff that was expected of you in class, like NO CHEWING GUM - NO FOOD IN CLASS - NO TALKING TO YOUR NEIGHBOR WITHOUT PERMISSION, and then finally she said NO PHONES, and that if she caught anyone on their cellphones during class that they would be taken away and the student's parents would have to come to school to get it back.

When the teacher said that part about no phones in school this very weird kid in her class raised his hand - he was seriously IT Clown creepy - and he just said "Well, what if I shoot you?" - like, with a gun!

Serena was in shock, so were the rest of the students in the class - they couldn't believe they had just heard this kid threaten to shoot a teacher - it was more than a scare at that moment, it was an all out panic.

But at first, nobody moved or said a word - they just went silent. Serena scooted her chair back and away from him.

But that wasn't the scariest part, that he threatened the teacher and that he maybe actually had a gun. The real scare came when he started to reach into his backpack. That was it - this creepy scary kid was reaching slowly into his backpack after he had threatened to shoot the teacher with a gun - that was when the classroom when into a full on panic. Yes, this is one of those true scary stories! Like Penny, Pennywise from the It Movie scary. But this was not the creepy scary clown form the movie It, this was real life.

The kid sitting across from him acted fast, ran across the room and tackled the creepy kid, knocked him off his chair and onto the floor. The Teacher then ran over and got the backpack (and maybe even a concealed gun) as far away from him as possible. Was there a concealed weapon? Did he conceal a gun in his backpack? It sure seemed like there was something hidden in there.

Another student ran down the hall to the office, the whole school went into immediate lockdown and a School Police Officer came, had to handcuff the creepy kid and took him away. The last thing she, the teacher or any of the other students wanted was to be on the news because of a school shooting.

It was the scariest moment of Serena's life. Kids were crying and texting their parents and teachers were upset and shaken, hard. And, they wouldn't even say if the weird and dangerous kid actually had a gun with him at school or not.

In fact, it wasn't until 3 hours later, when she was home, that the school sent an email out to everyone explaining that the kid didn't have a gun, that he was just joking around, and that they would be taking disciplinary measures.

She couldn't believe it - disciplinary measures? At first at least, Serena felt like the kid should be thrown into jail, the way he scared everyone so badly - she was super relieved to know that he never had a gun in the first place, but it somehow still made her feel just a little bit strange, well, scared, to head back to school the next day. This is the mind of school drama that NO ONE wants to be a part of.

Serena wants to add one simple, basic, and she had thought, really obvious rule to her teacher's list of rules: It's not okay to threaten anybody with a gun. Especially at school, and especially your teacher. A gun scare at school should NEVER happen.

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