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Griswold pass area

schoenacker laurent

Griswold pass area via slim creek
This area is near gold bridge bc and next to the south chilcotin park, spruce lake entrance.
It is about a 5hr drive from Vancouver and the road all the way there is in pretty good condition other than the Hurley could use some lovin, lol. This area is now my top one when it comes to landscape, scenery and wilderness, south chilcotin being #2 and ashlu pass at #3. There is a pretty good trail at the start for the first 45hrs of the hike but beyond that you'll need to rely on your own navigational skills. I saw a 23 yr old grizzly bear about 20' away from me, after staring at each other for a few seconds (which seemed like an eternity to me) it decided I wasn't worth it and ran away, to my upmost relief. I saw this huge brown eagle take off about 50' from me, that bird was huge!!! and yet so quiet. I was only there for 3 days but to truly explore the area, you'd need a week or 2. There is no cell phone reception from Pemberton onwards so you'll need some other means of calling for help in case things go sideways. There was water all the way along the hike so I never had to fill my water bag, simply relying on creeks when I was thirsty. I had some awesome drone footage, which I think is the only way you can really capture the vastness of the landscape, but on day 2 my drone fell in the creek and is now toast, I was so devastated, I guess ill just have to back. All in all it was the most amazing hike I've done in recent memory.

posted by encoreedusud1z