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Who Said That Squirrels Are Afraid Of Water?


What do we actually know about squirrels? These animals seldom appear in fairy-tales or cartoons and you'll hardly meet anyone who has a pet squirrel as they are afraid of domestic life. It's a bit difficult to imagine a squirrel sleeping with you in your bed, hanging around your fridge or having fun in the bathroom. However, the last fact might be real as they are not afraid of water at all. Moreover, some of them prove to be incredibly talented in aquatic sports! You Tube has already voted for a number of surfing dogs and cats, but this squirrel will beat all of them easily. The tiny creature will please your eyes with the most breath-taking waterskiing you've ever seen. Its energy is so contagious that you will most probably want to join it in its hobby, that's for sure!

posted by KapExobbyKarpdw