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Google Pixel 6a vs Pixel 6 vs Pixel 6 Pro | Camera Test Gaming Battery u0026 Beyond!

Tech Spurt

Comparing Google's Pixel 6a vs the Pixel 6 and Pro smartphones, to see which offers the best value. I've tested the camera tech, gaming performance, battery life and more, using the Pixel 6a and its expensive siblings as my fulltime phone. Check out my unboxing for a closer look at one of the best midrange mobiles of 2022, and my long term reviews of the 6 and 6 Pro for more on those handsets.

The Pixel 6a actually has a lot in common with the flagships, including a featuredense stock Android 12 experience with five years plus software support. That camera may be old tech but Google's Tensor chipset means the photo and video results are closer than you'd think, except for the Pro's telephoto lens. Certainly the midrange smartphone is the best camera phone at this UK price.

Gaming sadly isn't as hot on the Pixel 6a, unless you're playing less intensive titles such as PubG or CODM. Battery life is a winner however, despite the compact finish. All three of these phones will see you through a full day on a (not particularly fast) charge, although the 6a lacks wireless charging.

Indepth review of the Pixel 6a is coming soon and my full camera test video is also live right now. What do you reckon, tempted by this affordable alternative to the flagships?

Google Pixel 6a vs 6 vs 6 Pro Chapters:
0:00 Pricing and general waffle
0:54 Design
3:45 Software & features
5:45 Display & audio
7:41 Performance & gaming
9:21 Battery tech
10:39 Camera comparison
13:25 Verdict

posted by houseofelnm