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Gil Sharone Hears A Drumless Song Once And Plays It Perfectly


Faster Hands & Feet (in 10 days)

If you had to listen to a song once while coming up with the drum parts in your head, would you be able to play it with no hiccups from start to finish?

We gave Gil Sharone a drumless track he’d never heard before (“Funky Rastafari”, available in Drumeo Edge) so he could listen to it, write drums for it, and play through it – within minutes.

As you watch him go through the process of learning music, you’ll see how Gil gets ready for a studio session or when he’s asked to fill in for a band. You’ll also realize how quickly he’s able to do it – like learning an entire album on a plane).

During his listenthrough, watch how Gil adds his notes and rough form for each section on a piece of paper in realtime. He also doesn’t write down any beats or ideas, and this seems to work for him!

Gil's Written Notes:

0:00 Intro
00:50 Taking Notes
6:21 First Playthrough
10:44 Recap
12:25 First Take

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