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FUNNY DRAWING TIPS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Sue will teach you how to draw easy and simple‍♀ WATCH NOW!

Slime Sam and Sue are very talented artists and they know their way around the brush :) They love learning new tips and tricks and sharing them with their subscribers. Drawing doesn't have to be hard, in fact, there are many easy drawing techniques and simple tricks that will be useful for both beginners and advanced art students. On Sam's channel, you can find all kinds of painting tutorials, painting hacks, drawing ideas, stepbystep drawing instructions and so much more!

This easy drawing tutorial will be great for all children with any skill level. All you have to do is watch the video, closely follow instructions and then start creating your own masterpieces. We'd be happy to see what you drew, send us some pictures!

In this episode, your favorite YouTubers will show you how to draw animal faces, how to draw words into pictures, how to make a magic unicorn card, how to draw easy 3D images on paper and how to make an EMOJI PAPER MACHINE! Watch the video till the end and let us know which trick boost your imagination the most!


For this craft, you will need colored pencils and/or markers and white paper of standard size. Fold the paper as shown in the video and draw away! You will get yourself funny pictures with hidden teeth!

Make a funny mouse drawing! She'll be cute while folded and yelling CHEESE! when you open up a middle part of the drawing. This is Sam's favorite drawing idea.

Draw a dog (maybe a bulldog like in the video) and then add a red tongue that's shaped like a chili pepper in the middle. Sue added HOT DOG words on either side and it looks so cute when you unfold this image! Slime Sam thinks this drawing could use more teeth though! Sue loves dogs, so she loved this craft the most!

If you are anything like Sue and Sam, you love playing with your cat but hate when they use their claws hidden in soft paws or start playfully biting you with their teeth that are sharp as knives! If you choose to draw a cat, that image will exactly represent how you feel! Soft and cute kitty on the outside, and a toothy monster on the inside:) This was a favorite image of Sue's cat Fluffy:)


For this DIY you will need some craft paper with fun patterns (or just plain white paper), some thin clear craft plastic (plexiglass), colored pencils and a Sharpie. The magic of this card is that when you slide the inner part of the card out it's colored. But when you slide it back in it's outlined and colors disappear! How cool is that?! This sliding card will be a great present or a token of appreciation for your friend or a family member:)

Make a card with a beautiful magical unicorn! Its colorful mane will make the card extra special!

❤You can do I LOVE YOU card, replace LOVE with a heart and it'll be great for Valentine's Day!


For this drawing technique, you will only need a piece of any paper and colored markers or pencils.

Draw an adorable panda bear hiding under bamboo from the word PANDA.

Turn the word CAKE into an actual double layer cake with candles and cherries!

Make a funny bunny image out of the word BUNNY and add a carrot drawing to make it even better:)


This DIY idea is for you, origami lovers! Fold a piece of paper in a very simple way and use it to animate a whole bunch of emojis! Sam thought he could use it for the times when he doesn't speak to Sue. Because even though sometimes his mood is not in the right place, he still wants her to know how he feels. Genius, huh?


No, you won't need a fancy 3D drawing pen for this craft, only paper, and a few markers. You can even use watercolor markers to make it more real. The secret to these easy illusion drawings is the proper using of highlights and shadows. It's super simple, just watch the video!

Draw an endless tunnel that goes somewhere deep down! You can make it as big as you want or even decorate one wall of your room (PARENTS PERMISSION REQUIRED!).

Draw 3D stairs that looks just like the real thing! You are only one piece of paper and one fold away from creating a mind blowing illusion!



This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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