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German Dog Training Commands

Zauberberg Kennels

If you train your dog in German , here are the audibles for German Dog Training Commands from the German mouth. It is recommended to train your house pet dog in a different language than the one you communicate to the rest of the family. Thus the dog is never exposed to words that are used , and not meant for him at the time. If a dog is trained in English and English is the language of the household, he will be exposed unintentionally to words that should have meaning to the dog. For example: Peter come here and sit down, I want to talk to you!
Now the dog has heard three words that usually would require a response form him...and nothing really happened. Maybe the dog responded, or he didn't. Either way there should have now been a response from the person that said those words? Training the dog in a different language will prevent the delusion of the signalizing meaning that a dog has been trained for.

posted by lucifer6ih