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Game of Thrones S8E1 (Fan Made)

Gotbest Memes

-If you didn't understand the episode,I will explain it here.
i uinted parts from other seasons to make a big episode that is supossed to represent ep 1 from season 8. This is not clickbait, i just wanted to show how i see this episode.

•Jon Snow arrives home again with Daenerys and her army.
•Sansa was asked by the northern lords if she wants to be the new ruler.But she refuses with a "you are very kind my lords".Then she lefts on the hall and there Jon appears.
•Then he explained that the new queen shall be Dany.

Kings Landing
•Euron returns from Braavos with an army of Lannister man and ships.❄️Then winter is coming in the South.❄️

•Then Sansa is trying to explain Jon that he needs to listen to her more.After that they are watching Arya training with Brienne in the garden.The Jon and Arya in the next episode will finally get to meet each other again.

The Wall
•Gendry and Tormound get to escape but Tormound sacrifice himself to save Gendry from the Wights.But he couldn't do that.(sorry for this two)

•Daenerys goes to confront Sansa.

Pyke arrives to save Yara.

‼️Thx for watching and see you in the next episode
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posted by ZewillibrasiZkp