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Full Team with my squad, Boom SG!

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Bahasa Subtitle translations made by SherlinTsu. Match 3 (Penentuan) : Zxuan VS BabyShark/Sherlin Di MPL - Penonton Dibuat Bersorak. Full Team with my new squad, м√ρ! Zxuan is back on Youtube with NXL Patrick and Companytube! Beginilah Zxuan Saat Fanny Belom Di NERF !! Tangan Kilat. 1 warrior vs 9 epic | SHOW YOUR SKILL NOT YOUR RANK | MOBILE LEGENDS. HERO YANG TERTUKAR ( PATRICK FANNY, JESS no limit JOHNSON ). 🔴LIVE MPL ID El Clasico EVOS VS PSG RRQ Regular Season 3 Week 2 Day 1 FULL HD 1080p MPL. BABYSHARK DAN ZXUAN DI SINGAPORE TIDUR 1 KAMAR?? SOSWETT BANGET MEREKA JALAN-JALAN DI SINGAPORE!! #7 Fanny Mikazu Dikatain ANJ*NG Sama Musuh ?! Simpan Mulut Kotor Itu. Zxuan's Top 5 Best Heroes to combo with Fanny in Lane.

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