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Bahasa Subtitle translations made by SherlinTsu. 5 SAVAGE EVOS.ZXUAN TOP GLOBAL FANNY (PART 2). #6 Mikazu [ Freestyle Killer ] - Fanny Montage Special Starlight. Zxuan is Back !! PATRICK NUMPANG MENANG. Zxuan's Top 5 Best Heroes to combo with Fanny in Lane. FANNY MONTAGE::PERBEDAAN GAMEPLAY TOP PLAYER FANNY| Mikazu,Zxuan,Yasue. Zxuan is back on Youtube with NXL Patrick and Companytube! Top 1 Global Chou VS Top Global Selena And Top Global Gusion [ β’ΎSყɳσ Chou ] Mobile Legends. Selena Virus Perfect Savage! AdRyLl Top Global Selena ~ Mobile Legends. OMG! ZXUAN SAVAGE ON LIVE STREAM πŸ”₯. DI TAHUN 2019 FANNY ZXUAN MENGGILA!!! BARU 2 MENIT UDAH KILL 6!!GG SAMPE DNA!!

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