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月儿圆圆,稻米飘香,正逢农家收谷忙Full Moon Fragrance of Ripe Rice Farmers Busy Harvesting Crops | Liziqi Channel

李子柒 Liziqi

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育秧 打田 插秧 生长 抽穗 扬花 灌浆
再到成熟 收获至端上饭桌
Sow one grain of rice in spring, and gather in many in autumn.
Raise the seedlings, plough the fields, transplant the seedlings,
And then go through the growing, earring, flowering and filling stages,
until the grain is reaped, processed and ready to be served.
Know where your food comes from
and feel grateful for the farmers.
Enjoy your meal and waste no food.

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