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FREE FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Lesson: Aeronautical Sectional Charts Latitude u0026 Longitude Maps


Lesson #3 is 55 minute video that contains information on how to read and interpret aeronautical sectional charts. This lesson is also one of the most important lessons you must thoroughly study in order to pass the FAA Part 107 remote pilot airman knowledge exam. This lesson teaches students how to interpret and understand aeronautical charts, the various airspace classes, how to read latitude and longitude maps, plus much more.

Also note that page 2 of the sample review questions, the question should read "What is the height of the tallest GROUP of towers due south of Minot airport?" The FAA may refer to these as "clusters". Remember, the FAA will look for the answer that is MOST correct, even when all answers are not perfectly correct. Alsoalso, the quiz review at the end of the video, the correct answer to the Unicom frequency is 122.95, not 127.95.

And Garrison airport more closer to 47 degree, 41 minutes. And remember, the quadrant below 48 degrees N is 47 degrees, 30 minutes. 47 degrees is not shown on the map, and the FAA will throw trick questions like this at you!

Beginning July 1, 2021, the cost to sit for the initial Airman Knowledge Exam is $175. For additional information, visit: https://faa.psiexams.com/faa/login

Download current Airmen Knowledge Training Supplement from the FAA website here: https://www.faa.gov/training_testing/...

At the end of this video, we review several questions and answers but please note that the FAA has changed some of the referenced "Figure Numbers" but the referenced graphs remain the same.

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