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FLYING in 2022 | 10 FLIGHT TIPS to know BEFORE you fly

Portable Professional

BEST airplane and flight tips for 2022 travel (THINGS HAVE CHANGED!)

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Here are 10 easy airplane hacks to have the BEST flight experience. These 10 travel tips are so important since flying in 2022 is DIFFERENT! For example, some things things that used to be free, like headphones and food, you might have to pay for now.

It’s important to pack properly and know what to bring before you board the plane and fly this year so you can have the BEST FLIGHT EVER.

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0:00 10 airplane and flight tips
0:38 Tip 1: Put your luggage in the bin above you or in front of you
1:02 Tip 2: Pack a ‘mini carryon’ bag
1:30 Tip 3: Bring wired headphones
2:40 Tip 4: Pack overear noise cancelling headphones
3:20 Tip5 : Download content before the flight
4:13 Tip 6: Bring a USB C charger
5:40 Tip 7: Dress in layers
6:08 Tip 8: Bring your own food
7:02 Tip 9: Get up and move
7:48 Tip 10: Set an alarm for 2.5 hours before landing


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