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The Ultimate TRAINING YOUR SERVICE DOG GUIDE: Step-by-Step Lessons

Nate Schoemer

Are you ready to transform your furry friend into a welltrained, obedient companion? As a professional dog trainer, I'm here to help. My Amazon store ( offers highquality products that I use and recommend, and your purchases help support my YouTube channel and bring valuable resources to the community.

00:00 Intro
00:50 Marker Training
05:31 Intro to Simple Commands
08:11 Sit / Marker Continuation
11:00 Down / Marker Continuation
14:05 Intro to Three Simple Commands (Climb, Spin, Center)
14:43 Climb / Spin / Center
18:43 Place (Paws on Bowl)
23:09 Hand Touch
27:19 Stand
35:50 Walk Backwards
39:45 Introducing the Verbal Command

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Welcome to a new series on my channel. In this series I will be training a German Shepherd Dog named Harley to be a service dog.

In episode one I will be teaching Harley the first ten steps that I follow when training a service dog. These steps do not include socializing or confidence building. These steps are for obedience, as it's important for a service dog to always be obedient.

Harley's Breeder:

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