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Firewood Processor | Blacks Creek Innovations

Tonys Tractor Adventure Homestead

We are learning our new Blacks Creek Innovations firewood processor a little more each time we use it. In this video, we were not trying to make production, but learning what we need to do in order to make production. I think prep work is key. To make the firewood processor work to its full potential, prep work must be put in. From now on, we will cut all logs to 8ft. This will allow for much faster production and just smoother operation. The TYM Tractors make easy work of moving logs around. I think we will look into a dump trailer at some point. I also, think by next year we can make some serious extra money with this machine. We will heat with wood in our new house build, money saves there as well.

Firewood Processor Info: https://www.blackscreek.ca/'>https://www.blackscreek.ca/
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Learn more about Blacks Creek Innovations: https://www.blackscreek.ca/'>https://www.blackscreek.ca/
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