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Field Spaniel - TOP 10 Interesting Facts


Top 10 facts about the Field Spaniel, a sensitive, docile and lively dog breed.

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Short Field Spaniel description:
The Field Spaniel is one of the larger Spaniel breeds. It is larger than the Cocker Spaniel, but smaller than for example Clumber Spaniel. The average height is between 4048 cm, which is 1619 inch and weight should be between 1627 kg, which is 3560 pounds.

The Field Spaniel is a active and tireless dog breed. They love to be outdoors and you must take them on several daily longer walks. You can also try some dog sport with them, for example field trials or agility. These dogs also hate to be left alone and they if they are left home alone regularly for long periods of time or if they are not provided with enough exercise, they can develop some unwanted behaviour, such as excessive barking or destruction.

Field Spaniel facts VIDEO TIMESTAMPS:
0:35 Origin
1:08 Almost extinct
1:37 Companions
2:15 Active dog
2:44 Hunter
3:08 Size
3:31 Training
4:00 Coat
4:29 Maintenance
5:00 Health

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